Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

April 20, 2017 Off By Monika

Are you motivated to connect people? Have you sought happiness for ages and finally found it? Monika has, too. Check out the full podcast below or here

This week, Kathleen speaks to Monika Bhasin, Founder and CEO of GLYD, Inc. She talks about her journey from childhood in a small village in India to New Jersey, when she was 11 years old amidst the turmoil and prejudice of Indian culture. She ran away from home at 13, returned to India, attempted suicide, and then came back to the US for school, where she found sanctuary. Her parents wanted her to be a doctor, so she studied biochemistry, became a junior scientist and finally quit, pursuing happiness.

She finally found her voice as an entrepreneur. Her company, GLYD, Inc. allows people to travel the world with a sense of home. GLYD is a visual blogging platform with a marketplace for explorers driven to have a local experience wherever they go. Get inspired to travel, but also have the world come to you on your phone. The app is now connecting people and cultures globally through the places they live and visit.

Her advice: “We should be more courageous and not let fear drive our actions. Do what scares you. You will come out learning something, with a new experience.”

Monika’s company: GLYD

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Hosted by Kathleen Buczko
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