The Secrets of the Italian Congelato

The Secrets of the Italian Congelato

November 2, 2017 Off By Thereza Fernandes

Congelato means ‘frozen’ in Italian, and congelare means to freeze. The Italian version of ice cream, Gelato, is known to be the best ice cream in the world (by some); it contains milk, sugar, and flavorings like nuts or fruits. Gelato contains less cream and most of time no egg yolks.

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The secret to this amazing desert is that it contains less fat than the regular ice cream, it is softer and denser than ice cream because less air is churned on it, and it contains less butterfat which allows it to taste the flavors more quickly. Also, Gelato is kept at a warmer temperature which allows you to better appreciate the flavor since your tongue is less numbed by the cold!

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Just remember when trying Gelato in Italy, to avoid eating from places that serve from a scope. The authentic Gelato should be served with a spade or paddle, the flat surface of them is better equipped to gently scoop your flavor of choice.

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Are you ready for some Gelato sugar rush!?

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