Italy for the Young

Italy for the Young

May 10, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

Italy is that beautiful place on Earth that has a beautiful culture to offer. In order to enjoy Italy the most, the first thing to keep in mind is that you have to walk through the lanes to take it all in.

Pizza in Naples: Naples is the birthplace of our favourite food, pizza. It was Chef Esposito who first invented it in Naples. There are some really beautiful pizzerias here that offer scrumptious pizzas. With families carrying forward the art of making pizza for over five generations, there are veritable institutions around Naples that serve the best, fresh and crisp pizzas.

Greek ruins in Sicily: I know when you think of Italy, it is the Romans that come to the mind and not the Greeks but there are some amazingly beautiful ruins in Sicily that date back to the times when Greeks lived there. They are older than the Roman structures. The Valley of Temples is one such place where you’ll find Greek ruins.

Drive to Amalfi Coast: If you are the adventure seeking types, the winding road that takes you to the Amalfi coast is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Even if you are scared of the snaking road on the Italian coastline, you should let someone else drive because the views are just breathtaking.

Sardinia beaches: If you want to visit a beach which is less crowded and has a beautiful view, then visit the beaches in Sardinia. These beaches are favourites among the locals and you are most likely to find very few tourists walking around. These make up the offbeat locations for travellers and explorers who are looking to travel like locals.

The Trastevere Neighbourhood in Rome: This place is very less crowded, has cheap food and you are most likely to see young groups of people at night. It is away from all the touristy places, from expensive foods and tourists giving you a calming experience of walking on cobblestone streets.

A drive in Tuscany: If you want to know why people rush to Tuscany to retire then you have to drive through the countryside roads of Tuscany. The stunning views of the windy countryside and the hills will make you want to drop everything and think of buying a farmhouse there.

Venice on foot: Venice has the most beautiful narrow alleyways that will surely make you fall in love with it. The small bridges that you cross every now and then, the people in gondola rides waving goodbyes to everyone who passes those bridges, the small shops where you get pretty trinkets and the cobblestone streets take you everywhere. May be on one such excursion, you might find where Marco Polo lived.

Climbing the Mount Vesuvius: It is a very comfortable hike and once you reach the top, it will leave you with a jaw-dropping expressions because of the view. Another reason to climb up the mount is because you get to see the crater of the volcano that covered the town of Pompeii in volcanic ash, the crater almost looks like the ones on the moon.

Boat ride to the Blue Grotto: It is a beautiful sight in Capri. It is also known as Grotta Azzurra. The cavern is filled with water that illuminates blue when the sun hits it through the sides of the rocks. It is a memorable sight to behold while sitting in a boat and watching the beautiful natural light show.

Pasta making lessons in Bologna: This place brings out the hidden chef in everyone. If you ever thought of rolling your own pasta and learning the quintessential art of pasta making, you have to visit Bologna. You would not only learn to make pasta but also will get to enjoy it with a glass of wine, what else could one ask for!

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