Best Adventure Vacations for 2019

Best Adventure Vacations for 2019

May 17, 2019 4 By Aparna Pathak

Adventure and travel go hand in hand. With the increase in trends like visiting the unexplored, walking the untrodden path and going to obscure parts of the world, it is not a surprise that travellers look for more new places to explore every year. Here is a list of nine such places where you will feel the adrenaline rush and your hunger for adventure will be satiated.

Mount Kilimanjaro: This is another of the adventure trips that can be taken up this year. However, climbing the mountain is one experience, another adventure that this place offers is running around the tallest mountain in Africa. It is an adventure sport that Simon Mtuy, a world-class marathon runner from Africa, has started to promote tourism. What this run would give you is beautiful scenic beauty and an encounter with numerous people because the run lets you visit remote villages.

Chile: Chile has the most remote and secluded areas to be explored by adventurers. A trip to Chile will guarantee backpacking adventures like trekking and camping. It has beautiful places to explore with stunning views of sunsets, mountains, waterfronts and beaches. This island is so remote and underexplored that there is hardly any human establishments at a lot of places with so many untrodden treks.

Colorado river: No adventure trip list is ever complete without the mention of river rafting. This particular rafting trip on the Colorado river takes the travellers along parts of North Arizona and the most iconic the Grand Canyon. This whitewater rafting trip can also be enjoyed in as little as one day but the real fun is when travellers raft around for two weeks.

Mt. Everest: The Mt. Everest climb can never go out of fashion. It is the most adventurous thing to do once in a lifetime. Reaching the highest point on Earth will surely give you the satisfaction and thrill that no other adventure trip can guarantee, however, this is only for experienced mountain climbers.

Amazon: this has to be on the list for the sheer fact that it has always been a place of wonder and amazement. The Amazon River Basin is the best kind of trip for explorers. It is a beautiful site of Peruvian rainforests with wildlife that includes pink and gray river dolphins. The winding river is ever so mysterious with adventurers and explorers getting attracted to it like two poles of a magnet.

Atacama Desert: Star gazing is the trend that has recently picked up pace among everyone. We all live in cities which cover the sky with a gray coloured smoke to hardly be able to see the sky properly, let alone the stars. Atacama Desert is one place which has made its way in the extreme places because of it being the driest place on earth. It has not rained here ever in recorded history and is very scarcely visited by people. Thus, it make a perfect place for stargazing.

Guiana: Exploring the rainforests has also been an adventure that most travellers look forward to. Surinam, Guiana and Guyana are three places in South America that are still untouched by the tourists and are pretty unexplored in terms of travel. Guiana particularly is the house to Iwokrama, one of the four last pristine rainforests in the world.

Kazakhstan: This rather unexplored Central Asian country has the perfect multi coloured mountains that you can explore by cycling in the South-east part. It has some stunning landscapes and on your way you will also encounter many nomadic tribes native to Kazakhstan.

Jordan: Jordan offers hiking and trekking as its main adventure activities and it has the dead sea too. It is a truly beautiful sight to behold and recently a new hiking trail has been introduced from Um Quais to Aqaba.

There are so many more destinations that offer these extreme adventure trips and this list will never end.

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