Unravel the secrets of Food Blogging with Sukrit Jain

Unravel the secrets of Food Blogging with Sukrit Jain

May 17, 2019 0 By Sumedha Sharma

We got the chance to interview this amazing food blogger, Sukrit, the face behind The Great Indian Foodie who has so many recommendations of food places around Delhi, Goa and Punjab! From starting out as a food blogger back in 2016, he has achieved a lot already. He has been a guest speaker at Manav Rachna University in 2017 and at Amity University in November 2018. Let’s hear more from him and what he has to say about his journey so far!

When did you start your own blog? How did you feel initially, and how did you come to this idea that you would take food blogging as a full-time job?

Back in 2015, after completing my 12th, we (I and my brother) used to promote parties but that thing didn’t work out well. My brother made a change and I decided to do something different. Then I came up with this idea of The Great Indian Foodie on January 18, 2016. I still remember, I was travelling to my college and it was that eureka moment when I came up with this idea of Indian Foodie that came into existence as The Great Indian Foodie. Within the next 3-4 days I had around 1000-2000 followers, in one month I had 5000 followers.

In early phases, my aunt and brother, in fact everyone in the house used to help me out with the pictures. Then slowly we grew up and my brother joined me in the food project. By 10,000 I think I had a pretty good name in the market. So the journey has been successful till now, my brother and I work on the marketing aspects of the blog. We have been working with various restaurants in the past three years now.


What were the challenges that you faced initially when your blog got published?

Yeah there has been so many challenges. First of all, maintaining up your weight is the biggest challenge here. It is so easy to gain but it’s so difficult to lose. That has been one of the most challenging things for me. On going market competition too is something that is challenging. People have come up with different ideas may be what I feel that our ideas are getting old now, we need to come up with something different.


How did you publicise the blog initially then? I don’t think you had to work a lot on publicising the blog because you already had 5000 followers.

I had to play a lot. Someone said you need to follow people to publicise. So I did that and then I finally came to a good number and I was happy about that. Whenever people meet me, they are so happy and they always ask, “Bhai koi acchi jagah batao” (ask for recommendations). It’s always fun interacting with them.


What is that one place that you wish to visit again?

Tama brewery & World Kitchen– raised the standard of Faridabad. It has beautiful ambience. I would definitely go there again and again. That place has been a game changer for Faridabad.


Which city would be your favourite for food blogging and what do you recommend eating there?

If I talk about a particular state, that would be Punjab. City would be Hoshiarpur.  Hoshiarpur has some really good food. There’s this place called Gappe di hatti, it has caramel barfi and I have been eating it since my childhood.The puri that I have been eating all through my childhood is from Billu di hatti. If I talk about Amritsar, I really like the Lubhaya Ram aam papad.


What was your most recent food trip and how would an app like GLYD help you while traveling?

A trip that was dedicated to food was Goa. So we were a couple of food bloggers who went to Goa. So, I’m not talking about seafood over here, but definitely I am talking about food at sea properties. Bagatel’s Divo restaurant was very nice. They had nice Lebanese platter. They had a club also, that’s called Owl, that was also a pretty club. Apart from that, in Goa, I really loved the Mc cafe. Mc cafes are lovely, one must try it.

Big daddy casino is perfect to chill out and play games in the casino. The food there was superb, we had dal makhni and it was very tasty.


How do you think an app like GLYD can help you?

Glyd can help people with local guidance.


Delhi sure has and is known for food but as a Delihite, what do you think are the must visit places for summers in Delhi?

There’s one place called Giani di hatti in Chandni Chowk, their Chhole Bhature and Rabri Faluda is something you must not skip. You can dine in at Royal China if you want to. If you want to have some really good Mediterranean food, Lebanese food and along with that you want to party, go to Laidback Cafe/ Shalom GK2. If you want to have really good Lebanese as take away or something, there are two options, one is Shawarma House and the other is Lub Lub Lebanese. These are the two options that have been on my list always. For the best buffet- The Indian Grill, that’s semi luxury dining. Pirates of Grill has some really good Churrasco Pineapple.


Where can our readers find you on IG/FB/Web/GLYD?

On instagram and facebook, I am available with the name The Great Indian Foodie.


One last question, your profile looks really colourful and lively with such beautiful pictures of all those mouthwatering dishes for our readers and your fans, do you also enjoy cooking or just eating?

I’m a really bad cook. My brother is a really good cook but I love to eat!


Tell us about your latest itinerary on GLYD?

Restaurant and fancy food is something I’m sure many people don’t know off. So this has been created keeping that in mind. Try these places on your next trip to Delhi.



Interviewed by Aparna Pathak

Edited by Sumedha Sharma