Madrid, Spain, for LGBTQ Travelers

Madrid, Spain, for LGBTQ Travelers

May 31, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

In today’s world, what is the one thing that we need more than anything as a global community? It is acceptance of the other. The LGBTQ community has faced this extremely for many years now. The next logical step into making the community feel more welcomed is by providing them the opportunities and the space where they can be free from the judgy eyes and the frowns. So, there are so many cities and countries even that have welcomed LGBTQs with open arms and have given them the much deserved vacations. And when it comes to LGBTQ friendly travel destinations, an important mention has to be Madrid, Spain.

Madrid has developed to be one place that has increasingly been very warm and welcoming to LGBTQs. It is the top destination for the community, preferred by many not only because of the top-class tourist destinations with cultural heritage but also for the Madrid Pride Festivities which are regarded to be the best in the whole world.

Gay events and festivals:

Madrid Pride: It is the largest gay pride in whole of Europe which takes place every year in July.

WE Pride: this is the best party to attend and has so much to offer.

Sleazy Madrid: it will be held this year on three different dates. This is the most important fetish electronic music festival in the South Europe.

LesGaiCineMad: it is a wonderful LGBT film festival which will start on 25 October and run till 11 November.

Chueca: it is known as the gay district of Madrid. It is one place to enjoy tapas in bars, shopping, brunches or just hang around to see the beautiful rainbow flags everywhere.

Best gay accomodations available:

The Westin: it is a luxury, gay-friendly property located in the southern end of the city.

Hotel Axel Madrid: this hotel is surrounded by shopping areas and delicious food places.

Oscar Hotel: it is the most gay-friendly hotel in all of Madrid. The decor here is very chic and modern and the room sell out pretty quickly because it is located in Chueca, the gay friendly district.


Carmencita Bar: it is the best place to have brunch after a night of partying.

Mercado San Anton: known for fresh tapas and beautiful terrace top seating with a wonderful view of the city.

Diurno: it is a modern take on mixed cuisine and opens early for all those who like to have dinner at 7 pm.

Cafe Oliver: scrumptious Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and a beautiful decor to sit down to dinner/ brunch.

Casa Lucio: open since 1974 and is best known for “huevos estrellados” or a dish of fried potatoes, fried eggs and ham.

Nightlife: the best of nests for gay-friendly nightlife are:

Delirio Dance Club: known for its electro house music and live shows. It is open all year round!

Fulanita de Tal: what started as a small lesbian bar has not transformed into a recognised brand in the LGBTQ community.

Club 33: it is the oldest lesbian club in Madrid.

Boite: famous for a night long dancing session under the disco ball to pop music. Also known for live acts.

Areia: this Asian influenced place has lounge vibes which has different zones to chill out to drink tea, have cocktails or smoke hookah.