Overlooked Caribbean Islands

Overlooked Caribbean Islands

June 7, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

While there are many favoured winter locations in the Caribbean, preferred by a number of people to visit during the holidays, yet there are still a few of these islands that are underrated and overlooked.

Here’s a list of some of the most overlooked Caribbean Islands:

Curaçao has to be first on the list. It is part of the ABC islands (including Aruba and Bonaire). It has beautiful beach fronts for people who are looking for relaxed days and its capital has a very happening nightlife for the party-goers. With colonial architecture, museums, local shops, floating fish market and a number of outdoor activities to choose from, this island also has fascinating shipwreck activities which one can explore by diving around.

Nevis is next on the list. It is a very small island but its tiny landscape cannot be misjudged for what Nevis has to offer. It has a distinctive culture that is incomparable. In terms of its attractions, it has white-sand beaches, local eateries, hot springs and a dormant volcano. People can choose from various activities like hiking, camping, diving, exploring the volcano or visiting the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.

Antigua is best known for its coral reefs, 365 sandy beaches and lip smackingly delicious food. It is best for people who are seeking underwater adventure and want to snorkel or dive to explore the reefs. Additionally, it is very popular among sailors because of the windy season during which sailing is a preferred activity. You can also pet stingrays here at Stingray city.

Barbados is another of the islands that is usually overlooked. It has so much to offer like delicious cuisine, beautiful landscape and a unique Bajan culture. With its stunning white-sand beaches and crystal clear water, it makes the perfect place to enjoy calypso music, cricket matches while sipping its famous Mount Gay Rum (from the local rum distillery which produces the world’s oldest brand of rum). Not only this, it is the perfect location for surfers and snorkelers.

Sint Maarten is an island that serves the tastes of Dutch as well as French cultures mixed with the rawness of an island. It is also called Saint Martin because of the different cultures. It is for this reason that it is also referred to as the dual- nation island. The island is divided into Dutch and French territories and it has the distinctness of nightlife, parties, concerts and festivals in the Dutch side and fashion, art and food in the French side.

Anguilla is an island that is still untouched by the tourism industry. It has 33 beaches in total and each of these beaches has stunning views and turquoise coloured water. It is perfect for people who want to explore coral-rich waters and relax away from the tourist crowd.

Dominica or the nature island has nature in its full bloom – waterfalls, springs, rivers, rainforest. If you are willing to truly explore nature, then Dominica is the place for you. Not just that, it is the best place for divers because of steep drop-offs that makes deep water diving very easy.

Saba is the hidden gem of the caribbean islands. It is an island that has protected its unique ecosystem and purity because of which it is also called sometimes “the unspoiled queen.” It is home to coral formations, sharks, sea turtles and dolphins in the Saba Marine Park. It provides outdoor activities like mountain biking and hiking. This island is different that most caribbean islands because of lack of nightlife, food chains and life here is slow paced and rustic.

Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic is also another overlooked island in the Caribbean which is known for its picturesque villages and authentic island experiences. It has secluded beaches and locally prepared seafood and the numerous opportunities for diving and swimming.

St. Lucia may be last on the list but it is a must visit island. It is a small island which has natural and historical attractions. It is also home to some exotic wildlife and lush greenery. The Pitons mountains form the perfect view at sunsets and sunrise from many beaches. This island is spectacularly beautiful.