When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

June 14, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

Hawaii is the island paradise that is firmly locked into most people’s bucket list. With so many visiting each year, it’s well up for debate what the best time to visit is.

For this, you have to ask yourself what you value more: the lowest airfare, smallest crowds or best weather.

If you value the lowest airfare, the start of the year is your best bet. According to Business Insider, flights can be up to 175$ cheaper, on average, in January and February. This could have to do with the end of the winter break season, which is a popular time to go, and because the weather isn’t as nice as it usually is.

If you don’t want to skip out on the beautiful weather the state is known for, early summer is the best option. Hawaii has blue skies and suns nearly year round, but is also prone to rainstorms in the peak summer months (July, August). To get the best chance of catching rays, not rain, the time where spring is turning to summer is best. Anywhere between late March to early June.

For those who want to experience the islands with a sense of having a beach to yourself, you should look to go in the Fall. Spring breakers keep the place filled during the spring months, and people looking to evade the cold invade in the Winter. This leaves the Summer and Fall, and with tons of kids out of school, the former is the most popular time for families to visit. This leaves the fall months as ideal for the Hawaiian traveler who wants some solitary relaxation.

As you can tell, there isn’t much layover between the times, creating a “perfect” time to go. It’s really up to your preference and what you value as a traveler.

Written by Dallin Duffy

Edited by Aparna Pathak

Featured Image Credit: YouTube –  devinsupertramp