Hotels in Buenos Aires

Hotels in Buenos Aires

July 26, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

Hotels aren’t just meant to be places where you crash every night after a day spent in sightseeing. Hotels have their charm, location, decor and their luxury that itself becomes an important aspect of the travel.

Here’s a list of some of the best hotels of Buenos Aires:

Be Jardin Escondido: It has been formerly the home and production office of the family of Francis Ford Coppola, the famous American film director. The services here are extremely perfect with a lot of attention to detail. It has beautiful rooms and is located appropriately in the buzzy Palermo Soho, it is perfect for people who are looking for urban retreats.

Patios, outdoor kitchen with a parilla, lush gardens and warm and cozy rooms with beautiful furniture and art pieces. There are only seven rooms in this hotel.

Palacio Duhau: Park Hyatt Buenos Aires: It is elegant and fabulous, a classic with a modern touch. It was built as a city mansion for a landed family and has a grand reception, a grand neoclassical façade, a lobby that is spectacular and intricately carved doors and beautiful furniture.

Four Seasons Hotel: This hotel had to be on the list for its luxury spas, warm service and the Argentine love for horses that is reflected subtly throughout the hotel. It has a bar and restaurant that is always buzzing with people. The decor is traditional mixed with contemporary aesthetics, they also have beautiful gardens and a heated Roman-style pool.

Hotel Clasico: It is different from all the other hotels on this list. It is not a luxury hotel but rather is a boutique funky hotel. It has cast iron balconies that adorn the outside of the hotel which gives it an almost cinematic feel to it. This is a property with 32 rooms and the hallways on every floor is painted in funky bold colours.

Alvear Palace: When you think of all the grandeur, luxury and stunning views from the pool, you have to go to Alvear Palace Hotel. It was renovated and refurbished in 2016 during which new suites were added on the two new floors along with a rooftop terrace, spa, bar and a pool. It will give you the most grand treatment of all the times with servers serving tea in gilded cups and delicate dishes. The breakfast buffet is the best and the high tea will leave you in high spirits for the rest of your vacation and perhaps after it ends too.

Esplendor Buenos Aires: Easily recognisable because of the white walls and the neoclassical look of the building, this hotel has massive portraits of Argentine icons like Che Guevara and Jorge Luis Borges which makes it feel more like an art gallery. This hotel has a stunning furniture that resembles the likes of contemporaneity  and the modern.

Hotel Madero: If you are thinking of staying at a hotel that gives you the freedom to walk around easily without the usual bustle of a city, then Madero is your place. The best room to choose would be one of the corner room where there’s a kitchenette and balcony available. The general vibe of this hotel is very modern and chic with steel and glass. The furniture placed here is all in the shades of creamy colours with the contrasting dark wood floor.

Hotel Pulitzer Buenos Aires: If you are looking for more of a nautical feel from your hotel, the blue, white and tan shades of this hotel will grab your attention. It has beautiful views from its eighth floor pool. Adorned with round mirrors, suede and leather furniture, it has a very welcoming vibe especially for solo travellers who are looking for small cosy place to stay.

Mine Hotel Boutique: For millenials looking for instagram worthy pictures to share from their hotel rooms, this is the most grooviest of them all. The designers of this hotel have placed some really groovy retro furnishings in the lobby. It has a pool on the ground floor and a couple of chairs on the patio to relax.

Sofitel Buenos Aires: this iconic building built in 1929 is still easily recognisable by its grandeur and understated elegance. It is a perfect blend of Argentine traditions with a hint of French savoir because of the french curtains, fresh flowers contrasted against dark wood furnishing.

Buenos Aires is not a place with a handful of classy hotels, it has a number of beautiful and mind blowing hotels which will give you an experience of a lifetime. Other famous hotels are Nuss Buenos Aires Soho, Home Hotel, Fierro Hotel, 248 Finisterra and many more.

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