Spring Skiing in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah

Spring Skiing in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah

August 2, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

Especially in the United States, skiing and snowboarding are becoming an increasingly popular activity. Unfortunately, winter is coming to an end and  even though artificial snow hills are a thing in some places, it will no longer be ski season soon.

For some this means packing up the gear until next winter, but for others, this means going further to find the places that can keep them riding for a few months longer.

There are a few spots in the Midwestern United States that we’ll be covering here that will certainly be able to get the job done for those not quite ready to give up the thrill just yet.

Some of the big names that you may have heard of already are: Alta Ski Area (Utah), Sundance Resort (Utah), Grand Targhee (Wyoming) and Aspen Ski Resort (Colorado). While these are well known for a reason, we wanted to give you a sense of some lesser known, but still significant places to ski this spring season.

We’ll start with a towering mountain in Colorado, Copper Mountain, that peaks out at over 12,000 feet. Copper actually gets more snow in mid-march than any other time of year, and features a variety of run points, for both skiers and snowboarders alike. If you are not a local, it’s just around an hour away from the Denver airport and contains plenty lodging options, perfect for the traveler.

Next we’ll head to a place that gets nearly 500 inches a year on average, and that’s Snowbird, near Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s seen as a more intermediate-level mountain (which if you’re looking to go to in spring, you probably already are), and totals 85 runs. Snowbird is also known for their not-too-cold weather that keeps the snow pillowy for those soft landings.

While Snowbird is best for the experienced ones, Vail Ski Resort is a good option for those looking to get into the sport. Not only is Vail (located in northern Colorado) known for their nice spring snow scene, they also get credit for their ski and snowboard school built into the resort. They employ a handful of world-class teachers that can teach even the most inexperienced to make it down a hill. If you wish, you can learn more or sign up for a lesson here.

If you are looking to take your family, a good place that accommodates those of all ages is Breckenridge Ski Resort. This Colorado excursion has tons of things to do besides just skiing and snowboarding, good for kids with those short attentions spans. They even offer childcare services, that will have trained people watch your little ones as you shred the mountain. They even have a roller coaster built into the hills!

The last place we want to show you is Hogadon Ski Area in Wyoming. Hogadon is considerably smaller than the above, but for some that’s a positive. It features 28 runs and just 2 lifts, but features the perfect weather for spring skiing that will keep it running well into April. They recently got a new lodge as well, if you decide to stay for a few days and fully explore the mountain.

Hopefully the above helped if you were looking to continue your snow-based adventures moving for a few more weeks.

Written by Dallin Duffy

Edited by Aparna

Featured Image: Instagram- @jessicacsabo