Dog-Friendly spots in Chicago.

Dog-Friendly spots in Chicago.

August 9, 2019 0 By Aparna Pathak

Dogs? In Chicago? No, not Hot Dogs.

As one of the busiest cities in America, Chicago can seem like an overwhelming place to bring your pup.

Luckily, there are some ways to enjoy having your furry friend along with you as you experience the sights of Chi-town, whether you’re a resident, tourist or there for business.

If you are there for the latter, hotels are getting more and more accepting of pets in most cases, although you may have to pay an additional small fee. Most  hotels’ websites have this information somewhere on the front page, making it easy to double check before you book.

With you’re boarding out of the way, let’s look at some places where you can take your dog.

Montrose Beach is an interesting place to start, as you don’t normally think of ‘beach’ when you hear ‘Chicago’. Yet, this beach is a perfect sandy getaway from the concrete-laded downtown streets. Dogs aren’t allowed on the actual beach — because they have their own! The pet-friendly section allows you and your dog to relax, or play in the water or on the sand.

Next is a very special event that neither you nor your dog will ever forget. The Chicago White Sox baseball team holds an annual “Dog Day” at their ballpark, and it’s coming up soon! April 29th, 2019 will allow you to buy special tickets that will allow you to bring in your previously unwelcomed dog. A baseball-loving dog’s dream can come true here.

If the beach wasn’t enough and you want to further explore the water with your dog, Seadog Boat Tours is a good option. Despite its name, Seadog isn’t exclusively for dogs, but the lakefront tour service is also very feline friendly. They’re known for moving fast for fun’s sake, so you’ll need to hold on tight to your dog and probably bring a towel for potential splashes. Full information including ticketing can be found on their website, here.

Team Paws is a non-kill animal shelter based out of Chicago, and they have multiple races per year. The races are varying assortment of 5Ks, marathons and more that are organized to raise money for the organization. Runners can bring their dog to run along with them, or watch on the sidelines. It’s a fun and rewarding dog-friednly event for a good cause.

Lastly, we’ll look at one of the aspects that can be most annoying in taking a dog to the city: eating. Because of health regulations, dogs are almost never allowed inside eateries and bars, but you can find restaurants with patios that allow pets. One such place is Benchmark, a popular spot that sells pizza, burgers and lots of alcohol. Their patio is known for being very pet friendly and their staff will bring a bowl of water out for your dog if asked as well. Just like with hotels, you might find Chicago’s eating places to be more accommodating than you expected.

All in all, Chicago is a good city to explore with your four-legged companion. There’s a good mix of events, parks and accommodating restaurants/shops that you’ll be able to experience everything the city has to offer without much limitations. Just make sure to bring a leash.

Written by Dallin Duffy

Edited by Aparna Pathak

Featured Image: Instagram- @mrmurr_a.ymanne0n